2018 | Year In Review

Celebrating one year of awesomeness with Design that Talks…

3 min readJan 10, 2019

Wise men say that stories are hard to be forgotten, no matter how old we get the charm of stories never fades …

When Siddhita, members of our design team or I design this thought is always there. With our design work, we like to talk to users.

Today we are sharing our story: Our first year as a design workshop, moments Big and Small-frame by frame. Catch us…

For us this year has been all about new experiences, memories, and hearts we won.

Two Designers on a Boat

A year back, on 28th Jan, 2018 Siddhita and I decided to sail our own boat. When we started, we were two designers with 2 options

  1. Be a Design Agency
  2. See & deliver Design as an instrument to solve real product problems, making users love the products.

We chose 2nd!

Here is What Followed

All made possible thanks to our Coffee machine!

Do Big Brands Trust New Teams?

Turns out they do!

We got the opportunity to work with brilliant minds across 10+ countries🐾, we brainstormed🧠, relied on caffeine to catch up with the time zones, hustled when we had to and delivered…

During this period we grew from a team of 2 to 9. Got product architects, backend and frontend ninjas 🐱‍👤 and storytellers onboard with us.

As designers, we worship neat design and in this process, we realized the true potential of NEAT DESIGN.

We Listen & We Build

1000s of Skype calls, phone calls and long email threads and coffee meetings…

When you talk to us you are the user advocate, the businessman and the industry insider.

The Glory Moment: When Brucira Became a Design Inspiration

In the world of design, Lapa Ninja is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Voted as the Top 3 Product of the Week on Product Hunt, Lapaninja is the platform that picks the most inspiring landing page across the web.

When our website www.brucira.com was featured, we couldn’t be happier. [Sit tight, 2019-the design is going to be a 100 notches better]

We Take Pride in Your Success

A huge shout-out to Y Combinator-backed kyte.ai. Once a client now an Inc 42, Top New Startup!.

We want to thank you

Thank you for being part of our Journey and making it a memorable first year. Looking out for more adventure.

Catch the awesomeness here:

Dribble: https://dribbble.com/Brucira

Behance : https://www.behance.net/Brucira2018

Website: http://www.brucira.com/

Brewing a project in mind? Reach out at hello@brucira.com